Saturday, 2 July 2011

Teversal 0-1 Carlton Town

After a relatively short period without football, the "On The Road" pre-season began at Teversal on 2nd July 2011.

Our last game was the Notts F.A. Junior Cup final on May 25th, a whole 39 days ago!

Kev was visiting a sick relative in Newcastle, so made the journey on my own -  this gave me a chance to listen to the brand new Yes album - loud ..... bloody marvellous!!

You never know what to expect on the field as a new season is prepared for, but you always know there will be familiar faces, both on and off the pitch, wherever you go.
As I entered the ground, I was greeted by Rob Hornby. Rob is no longer with the CMFL,  and has joined the blogger ranks. He has set up his "Around The Grounds" blog - and a very commendable effort it is too.

Also on hand were Brian Dennett, Mr. Mac, "Wheelchair" Trev, as well as Spirite Chris  Marsh and friends.  Chris always likes to know the line-ups, but at any PSF this is usually almost impossible as there are so many changes in personnel during the game that trying to keep tabs on all the players can melt your brain.........
Made a point of saying hello to Teversal stalwarts Kev Newton and Keith Parnill.  Keith has just picked up two prestigious awards, and Kev a certificate of honour.

The game was not too bad considering most of the players haven't kicked a ball in anger for five or six weeks.

Carlton looked to be a bit short in numbers on the playing side - until five players turned up 10 minutes before the break! That is one of the problems with car sharing -- one car gets lost and you lose five players....!!

The Millers did start with a formidable looking front three, namely Rob Gill, Ian Brown and Steve Chaplin. Veteran striker Neil Grayson played alongside Ashley Kitchen in the heart of the visitors defence. It was Grayson though who grabbed the games only goal after 70 minutes had been played - rising well at the far post to head home a neat right wing cross. F-T 0-1

Admission £2
Attendance 81 + a cast of thousands of black bugs and greenfly!!

A few pics

Brown in action

Gill challenges